Empower Your Love Life

Are you wondering why all the good partners are taken?
Are you longing for the kind of security that makes you able to open your heart more unconditionally?
Have you kissed all the frogs without anything happening?
Do you attract the wrong partners?
Do you live in relationship where you try to get love from your partner, who is as malnourished as yourself?
Has the relationship become a trench warfare, where you are fighting each other?
Has your sex life become a one way ticket to the South Pole?
Are you longing for a relationship where your partner actually listens to what you say?
Are you dreaming of more passion and presence?
Do you imagine of a relationship where you can talk about anything?

Download detailed description of the “Empower Your Love Life” workshop here: EmpowerYourLoveLife

Danish version here: EmpowerYourLoveLife


Luna Maria
I am a trained Rori Raye Love And Relationship Coach. I am facilitating single sessions, groups and are public speaker for women about all parts of the relationship or single stage.
My focus is to regain the feminine essence to empower your love life but also your entire way of living.


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David Fønsbo
Psychoterapist and Mens coach. Mens groups. Working with Dating, Sexuality, Tantra, Meditation, Presence, Authenticity & Author.




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